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Crafting your story is vital for you or your brand to get noticed in a hyper-crowded marketplace. Mike has developed and launched numerous PR campaigns that have driven brand awareness and consumer engagement.

More than your Social Media presence, your personal brand will take your life to new heights or keep you tethered to the ground. Mike’s 4-step system will lay out the path for you to develop your authentic personal branding plan.

Looking for strategic ways for your brand to enter into the sports arena? Perhaps optimize your current sports investments to drive results? Mike has been trusted by Fortune 50 executives for 25 years to deliver solutions.

Acknowledging what went wrong is only half of the equation. The real work begins when your brand needs to restore trust and confidence among customers, employees, and the public. Mike has managed dozens of crisis situations to restore brand and personal reputations.

Everyone needs guidance, an outside perspective, and accountability to move forward. Mike is a resource for people looking to reach their true potential, break old belief systems or just get ‘unstuck’.

What makes your brand different? Why should people care? How can we use industry threats to create distinction? Mike’s 5-step process will help your brand rise above your competitors and create customer loyalty.

"A reputation for a thousand years may depend upon the conduct of a single moment." Ernest Bramah