Why Reputation?

What’s The Big Deal With Reputations?


The awareness of one’s reputation is not a new conversation – Socrates talked about the value of reputation; the Bible speaks to the power of reputation; even Shakespeare wrote about its impact.
However, back then Socrates and Shakespeare were dealing with the traditional manner of ‘Word of Mouth’, which had a (relatively) slower spread rate and was community or regionally based. The difference is that we are now dealing with digital ‘Word of Mouth’ and the scores of Social Media channels delivers instantaneous and global exposure. An individual now has the power to either build up or tear down a person’s or brand’s reputation with a single mouse click. That’s scary stuff and we’ve all seen the impact and fallout of this in news stories or through stories in our personal lives.
Our social connectivity is why today’s reputation management conversation has primarily focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management – how do we bury the bad news deeper in search engine pages so people won’t see it?
While that is certainly of benefit, my opinion is that it doesn’t get to the root of the problem in order to prevent reputation missteps.
In today’s Reputation Economy, it’s critical to grasp the concept that our reputations are not intangible ‘things.’ Rather, our reputations are living and evolving assets that can either propel us to new personal or professional heights, or if ignored or mismanaged, can keep us tethered to the ground. The choice, as are most opportunities in life, is yours.
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