“What I admire about Mike is that he walks his talk, he's a disruptor, an influencer, an inspiration. If he's not on your radar, he should be, so get connected. If you're looking for a roadmap to build your personal brand and reputation, he's your man.  Mike's new book, Reputation Shift, is a MUST READ. It will push the reader to reflect in ways that will guarantee success.  EVERYONE needs this book! I'm including it in my mandatory reading for my clients!” Hilary Porta, The Life Architect, Human & Business Intelligence Strategist

“Mike delivered one of the most effective presentations to our district meeting we have ever had, on the keys to reputation. Trust, is the backbone of the insurance industry. By being reminded of the need to protect the reputation and culture already in place, we’ve implemented additional steps that set us apart from the competition and have seen increases in not just sales, but more importantly, and the key to our growth, referrals!” Sean O’Brien, Agency Manager at Farm Bureau Insurance

“I would highly recommend Mike Mooney to speak with any organization that is focused on growth and building their reputation in the marketplace. Mike spoke to us on a variety of topics that challenged old ways of thinking about the power of brand. Mike’s compelling questions and engaging dialogue was more than impactful to our group, but what was most impressive was his ability to share stories from his experience in the NASCAR industry that connected everyone in our group from millennials to seasoned veterans.” Joe Price, Senior Sales Leader Tom James of Charlotte

“Mike Mooney’s presentation, Racing with Blind Spots is one of the best concepts on trust building and communication that I have experienced – and it is an experience!  Mike takes you into the depth of trust like no other methodology I have seen.  I was literally sitting on the edge of my chair as I listened to how you can apply the “spotter” concept in your organization.  It brings a new meaning to “Trust.”  You will “shift” your mindset as a leader and be inspired to take your team and organization to the next level!” Regina Y. Wharton, SVP Human Resources, MPS Organizational Behavior, Fifth Third Bank


Securing the right speaker for your event or team is critical to ensuring the success of your meeting or training session. Mike offers a variety of impactful and high-energy speaking and training programs that can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Mike’s experience over the past 25 years in senior leadership and consulting positions with sports agencies, properties, and highly respected corporate brands has provided him with the expertise and ‘been there, done that’ stories to educate and entertain your team.  His insights and experiences are woven into the speaking topics and workshops below to create a dynamic learning environment.


4-Key Steps to Building a Revenue-Generating Reputation

Fast Company reports that the No. 1 Super Skill for success is strengthening reputation and personal branding!  Do you know how to stand out in a cluttered marketplace? Do you have a plan for how to build and protect reputation? How can you build a more loyal book of business? How will you generate more revenue through your personal brand? These are just a few questions that Mike answers as attendees learn the four vital steps needed to build a reputation that will create distinction and drive greater opportunities for success.

Racing with Blind Spots!

It takes more than sheer nerve for race car drivers to get to Victory Lane driving within inches of competitors at speeds over 200mph! There is a team that surrounds them and one of the most vital members is the spotter.  The spotter is the driver’s eyes in the sky and has a full view of the race track, able to see the driver’s blind spots when they are solely focused on the goal of winning.  Leaders aren’t too different from drivers when focused on a significant project or business issues – we all have blind spots that can impact our performance and, could potentially, take us out of the race!  So, who are your spotters – both professionally in your business as well as your life? Who are the people who can see what’s happening ahead of and around you?  In this session, Mike shares professional racing and sports stories to illustrate why we all need those people who will speak truth into us and tell us what we need to hear, not just what we want to hear!

Evolve or Die!

Is your team stuck or contemplating whether or not to address business shifts? In this talk, Mike shares with the audience his experiences at industry-leading racing organizations where they fell behind the competition and had to develop an evolution strategy or risk going out of business. Mike regularly speaks to entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners, and college students and easily tailors his message for your audience and time needs.

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"Your reputation speaks for you when you are not there to speak for yourself."