My Journey

Journey – not just my favorite band from the ’80s (and I can still play 90% of their music on the drums) – but also symbolizes growth, learning, building, embracing change and keeping an open mind to the possibilities ahead.

My initial career journey led me through 25 years in motorsports at senior levels positions in NASCAR, IndyCar, F1 & NHRA, where I got to work with amazing people – and got to experience some really cool things along the way!


Cool experiences that come to mind


Being ‘bump-drafted’ by Dale Earnhardt Sr. in a rental car in Daytona Beach.


Telling Lenny Kravitz to “Throw some ass into it!” when he asked me how to best say, “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!” (read my blog post on this here)


Having lunch with a rookie IndyCar driver named Helio Castroneves in Miami and telling him the girls driving by were slowing down to look at me, not him! And, him cracking up with his famous smile! (This was before he won Season 5 of Dancing with the Stars.)

Many people ask me why I left the world of motorsports.  “You had The. Best. Job. Ever!!” is what I often hear.  And, I’ll never deny that.  But, it was time.

The Rock

Carroll Shelby

Indy Car Driving School


I truly believe that we were all intentionally & beautifully designed to be High-Performance Vehicles!

The challenge is that we often listen to the voice in our heads that says, “You’re too slow!” “You’re told old!” “You shouldn’t even be in the race!” “What makes you think you can win?” 

It’s ALL crap, my friends!

My Drive is to shift your perspective, empower you with tools that I used (and continue to use!) to reach new levels of success, peace & happiness!

I want to help you embrace the High-Performance Vehicle inside of you – and then, drive it like you stole it!


Unbelievable Joy & Undeniable Fear!

In order to embrace the High-Performance Vehicle inside of me, I realized that I had to take massive action, reset my mindset & recognize it wasn’t going to happen overnight.  There is no short cut for consistency and time. 

It was time to start…  

    • I wrote a book.  
    • I embraced my story. 
    • I sought counsel from wise people.  
    • I intentionally dismantled the ingrained, self-limiting belief structure that had kept me safe & not moving towards my full potential. 
    • I changed my self-talkshifted my mindset.
    • I read more & began meditating (every day).
    • I changed my diet & began working out regularly.

I then walked away from the identity I had built over 25 years to help people create traction in their lives!

Driving People Forward!

With the support of my wife – my best friend – I took a leap into faith & started the next phase of my journey!

You can now find me on stages, meeting rooms & virtual studios around the world where I serve amazing people, motivated teams & inspired leaders, with one primary focus – Driving People Forward!

Empowering leaders, individuals & teams with actionable strategies to create business-focused & people-centered traction is at the core of my work.

Where could this journey lead us and your team? Let’s connect & find out!