A Little About My Journey

Journey – not just my favorite band from the ’80s (and I can still play 90% of their music on the drums) – but also symbolizes growth, learning, building, embracing change and keeping an open mind to the possibilities ahead.

My initial career journey lead me through 25 years in motorsports at senior levels with agencies, a race team, and corporate brands in NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula1, and NHRA, where I got to work with amazing people – and got to experience some really cool things along the way!


Here are a few that come to mind -  

Being ‘bump-drafted’ by Dale Earnhardt in a rental car in Daytona Beach.

Standing at the starting line between two NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters producing 24,000 horsepower! 

Telling Lenny Kravitz to “Throw some ass into it!” when he asked me how to best say, “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!” (read my blog post on this here)

Having lunch with a rookie IndyCar driver named Helio Castroneves in Miami and telling him the girls driving by were slowing down to look at me, not him! And, him cracking up with his famous smile! (This was before he won Season 5 of Dancing with the Stars.)

Many people ask me why I left the world of motorsports. “You had THE Best. Job. Ever!!” is what I often hear.  And, I’ll never deny that.  But, it was time.

My passion has always been to serve, entertain, and build people up.  Which, I had been doing for professional drivers and successful executives, teams, and companies for years.

But, what if I could take my communications, branding, crisis and reputation management expertise to a larger stage? That’s when I realized that professional speaking and coaching would be the way. 

That vision sparked both unbelievable joy and undeniable fear!

So, I took a deep breath, realized that this was going to take massive action and wasn’t going to happen overnight.  There is no short cut for consistency and time. 

It was time to start…  

I wrote a book.  

I began branding myself. 

I sought counsel from wise people.  

I intentionally dismantled the ingrained, self-limiting belief structure that had kept me safe, but not moving towards my full potential. 

I changed my self-talk and shifted my mindset of what I had to offer this world while I’m still part of it! (Yes, we all have an expiration date!)

I read more and began meditating (every day).

I changed my diet and began working out regularly.

And, then I walked away from the identity I had built over 25 years.

With the support of my wife – my best friend and partner in crime - I took a leap into faith and started the next phase of my journey! 

Where am I now? 

You can find me on stages and meeting rooms around the country where I serve amazing people, motivated teams, and forward-thinking leaders, with one primary focus - Driving People Forward! 

Empowering leaders, individuals, and teams with actionable strategies to avoid reputational risk and exploring ways to build reputational distinction and protection are core to my work. 

This comes to life in several ways.  Through motivating and inspiring keynote talks and impact-focused coaching as well as volunteering my time, opening my network for connections, and being present with those I’m with.  Where could this journey lead us and your team? Let's connect and find out!

My passion for driving people forward sums up my approach to life. Ever curious, committed, and enthusiastic, I look to genuinely connect with people to help them reach their personal or professional goals.

Reputation Shift

I wrote Reputation Shift – Lessons from Pit Road to the Boardroom with one goal – create an actionable field guide for people who want to win in the Reputation Economy! I pack 25 years worth of stories from my career (well, at least the stories I could print!) into five use-now strategies to empower you to build, strengthen, and protect your reputation.

“Mike's book, Reputation Shift, should be read, understood, and applied by everyone, especially those involved in social media. The book is easy to read and easy to understand but failure to apply it can have great consequences to one's reputation. Mike's passion to help others, professional work experience, and his personal values are reflected in the book, which is also a personal workbook that contains specific actionable strategies to manage your reputation. I was aware that one's reputation is important, Mike makes it clear it is VERY important.” – Ben Cross, Senior Advisor at NuSynergy Energy

“Reputation Shift is a field manual for anyone that needs a paradigm shift in their lives and is one of the best self-improvement books I have ever read. It doesn’t matter if you are a young person just starting out or an experienced veteran with plenty of success along the way. Reputation Shift will help you identify your strengths and build on them while exploring your “blind spots” by creating a plan to proactively address your weaknesses. Mike’s advice is simple, practical, and authentic. Be sure to have a pen and highlighter handy like I did because you are going to want to take some notes!” – Andrew White, Sales Executive

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." Warren Buffett