“Dynamic!” “Game Changing!” “Inspiring!” are just a few of the words that leaders, event planners & audiences have used to describe Mike’s impactful & entertaining messages.

Thought-provoking & action-minded messages that will accelerate trust, collaboration, communication & teamwork to deliver the performance you want.

Reach out to Mike to discuss how his signature “How Champions Stay Champions” message can rev-up your event & attendees! 

In-Person & Virtual Keynotes

4 Most Requested Keynote Experiences

Behavioral Benefits
  • Create accountability to team and customers
  • Understand the power of mindset – control, emotion, self-talk
  • Communicate on a deeper level with each other and customers
  • Recognize that even 1% daily improvement builds winning momentum
  • Implement dynamic business practices to meet changing customer landscape
Behavioral Benefits
  • Employ a 5-step reputation protection plan 
  • Know the 3 key elements to make a proper apology that will protect reputation
  • Recognize the connection between values, consistency, and time
  • Shift from reactive to proactive mindset with tools for reputation development
  • Anticipate implications of actions and impact to reputation (theirs and organization)
Behavioral Benefits
  • Drive higher levels of trust among teams and customers 
  • Open lines of communication among leadership teams
  • Create individual awareness of actions and accountability
  • Collaborate between departments to break down silos 
Behavioral Benefits
  • Recognize the power of self-talk and shift the words we use.
  • Equipped with strategies to gain better perspective.
  • Expand the space between Stimulus and Response to stop knee-jerk reactions.
  • Use a multi-step process to reduce the power of fear to thrive and create impact.

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Mike’s authentic style and ability to meet people where they are creates the unique space to bring them into empowering and inspiring conversations designed to shift their thinking and drive them towards action!


He is recognized as a catalyst that empowers professionals and organizations to reach superior levels of success by teaching vital continuous improvement, mindset, reputation, and performance strategies. Mike’s speaking style is complemented by his marketing expertise to ensure that his clients are positioning themselves to best differentiate their brands.

Mike Empowers, Motivates & Inspires …

But Seriously, Don’t Just Take His Word For It!!

“Mike is a high-energy and engaging speaker who is able to create strong connections with teams.  Mike did a great job linking the needs and opportunities of my team with stories and lessons to help Advance our future.  I appreciate how my team has used  Mike’s messages to help their personal and team’s performance. Thanks Mike for helping to Advance our team.”

“I recommend every organization bring Mike Mooney in to speak to their teams if they wish to enhance collaboration, performance, and out-of-the box thinking.  Mike’s enthusiasm and energy was amazing and his delivery was spot on. His use of storytelling and his ability to take his experience in the sports world and bring it into the corporate world was fantastic.  Mike rocks!”

“Mike took us into the depths of trust and communication like no other methodology I’ve experienced!”

“We need more of Mike’s great insights and positive energy! I love hearing and using your great advice!” 

“You will never find a more down-to-earth guy who really understands what it takes to get to the next level in life!”

“At a time in the world when our leadership team is feeling pressure from all sides Mike helped us reframe some of our greatest challenges.” 

“Mike was the keynote speaker at our recent Carolinas 21 multi-state conference and we could not be happier with the outcome. I have been a CENTURY 21 franchise owner for almost a decade and have seen many speakers in my time here at our different conferences and overall real estate industry conferences.

Mike was the first speaker I have witnessed to come a day early and submerge himself in our event so he can learn more about us to incorporate it into his talking points. It made his talk more engaging and relevant to our audience. He stuck around for the rest of the day and talked to many of the Brokers and Agents which left a lasting impression and impact.

“I highly recommend Mike if you are looking to improve your mindset and are ready to make real change in your business.”

“Mike’s keynote message, “Racing with Blind Spots” was an incredibly dynamic and memorable experience for the City of Lynchburg’s annual Leadership Forum. This event hosts approximately 150 of the City’s leaders and supervisors at all levels within the organization. His keynote was by far the most praised segment of the forum, and his message on the implications of a leader’s reputation was refreshingly practical and relatable.

From start to finish, Mike was intentional about seeking to understand the corporate culture of the City and mindset of our leaders. The value of his message also came at an opportune time, as our departments and leaders are preparing to move into new territory to evaluate, improve, and sustain effective processes surrounding recruitment, retention, and succession planning throughout the organization.”

“We hired Mike to speak for one of our largest client’s internal meetings and he absolutely delivered! We had a last-minute curveball thrown at us with a switch from live to virtual and Mike handled it with ease and definitely brought the energy to connect with the audience.

His message and stories were fantastic and hit home with everyone. Mike absolutely brought what we needed for this meeting and our client absolutely agreed!”

“Mike delivered a home run with our audience with his Elevating Your Reputation experience. Mike is engaging, articulate, polished and his expertise is apparent. He kept our audience’s attention with his relevant examples and actionable ‘how-to’ plan for how to care for, build, and even repair one’s reputation.

The webinar evaluations were overwhelmingly positive! Mike’s message was inspiring and empowering – everyone can learn something from him.”

“Mike delivered a dynamic keynote at our technology conference. Wow! What a way to start our event. The feedback we received from this talk was that it was one of the best keynotes we’ve ever had. Mike was able to tie in the racing concept of spotters to the way we work as a team in technology.

It highlighted how important perspectives and feedback are to the concept of continuous improvement. I literally heard people asking their coworkers to be their spotters as they work to continuously improve their own performance in this high-pressure and ever-changing environment.”

“Mike was the Keynote Speaker at the Lean Six Sigma World Conference. Seeing as the theme of the conference was engaging people and teams to drive success and positive change, Mike’s experiences and successes fit perfectly.

Mike gave a great speech about overcoming adversity, challenges teams face, and the power of effective communication. It’s communication I want to recognize about Mike the most however. Mike’s ability to formulate a speech, and the mechanics he used were unlike anything I’ve seen.”