The Shift Experience

Drive Relationships & Accelerate Connections! 

The Shift Experience Is A 60-Minute Virtual Wine Tasting & High Performance Relationship Driver!

The Shift Experience is designed to entertain & empower attendees at a time when organizations are searching for ways to drive relationships & accelerate connections! 

An Entertaining & Empowering Turnkey Experience!

This event goes beyond just bringing people together for a great bottle of wine. 

Hosts can invite 18-20+ guests for this white-glove virtual wine tasting experience that also delivers actionable messages & strategies for leading, working & winning in uncertain times!

How it Works

How You Can Use The Shift Experience:

  • Internal Team Building 
  • Customer Retention, Loyalty & Appreciation
  • On-Boarding Experience for New Customers
  • High-Performing Employee Recognition 
  • Strengthening Strategic Partner Relationships
wine tasting event - Mike Mooney


Impact of The Shift Experience!

“Mike, what a refreshing evening to talk about things outside of the norm, learn some great insights – and have great wine! I believe now, more than ever, brand reputation is imperative for success.”

“Mike, I really appreciated the opportunity to experience purposeful, genuine and authentic connections with like-minded professional centers of influence. I look forward to reading (and sharing) your book… and hey, what a great bottle of wine too!”

“Last night, Mike, you orchestrated a wonderful event to help leaders talk about the challenging times we are all experiencing in a way that brought us together and made us better! It was just another example of Mike Mooney providing huge value.”

“I wish I had this for myself and my team at the end of every day!”

“Nothing comes close to this experience – inspiring messages, great wine, and stronger connections!”

“Such an authentic conversation with great takeaways, and a fantastic bottle of wine! This was another example of Mike’s excellence in action!”

Where Can You Find Reputation Shift?

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reputation shift book cover, from Mike Mooney