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Get Outside of Your Jar!

I recently spoke at a business owner summit and asked the audience how often they [...]

2 Critical Components to Rebuild a Reputation

I am often asked if a person or company can recover from a reputation crisis.  [...]

Crisis of Values

We have a problem.  That’s right, we have a problem.  It’s not someone else’s problem [...]

3 Steps to Increase Reputation Influence During Times of Uncertainty

In the HBO Game of Thrones series a manipulative character named Petyr Baelish, better known as [...]

Are You Involved or Are You Committed?

I was eating a bacon and egg breakfast the other morning and was reminded of [...]

Quit Climbing Trees if You Were Made to Swim!

Quit Climbing Trees if You Were Made to Swim! I’ve been thinking a lot about [...]

Mom Was Right, You Do Have A Halo!

Mom was right, you do have a halo ::  To be clear, this is not [...]

3 Unique Reputation Perspectives from Seth Godin

  If you haven’t heard of Seth Godin and you have even the slightest interest [...]

10 Eye-Opening Reputation Statistics For Every Leader and Entrepreneur

10 Eye-Opening Reputation Statistics for Every Leader and Entrepreneur Winning in the Reputation Economy requires [...]