Two Steps to Build Your Reputation TODAY!

Building Reputation in 2 Steps Today!

Here’s a question who taught you how to build your reputation?

Here’s the realitychances are, no one!

Here’s another reality – your reputation is either helping you OR hurting you! It’s true. Your reputation is either attracting opportunities that could change your life or it’s deflecting opportunities that you never knew were there!

How you build, strengthen, and even repair your reputation is a daily and deliberate choice. That’s right, it’s your choice and it doesn’t have to be difficult!

Each day we wake up with an opportunity – either live our lives reactively or proactively …

Will we live from the outside in? Meaning, will you allow external situations, people, scenarios, and triggers influence the your emotions and the way that you think and act?

This is a reactive way of living and interacting with others, that will impact and effect your reputation.

Or, will you live from the inside out? This is a way of living that starts with understanding and embracing your core values.

In my book, Reputation Shift, I outline the Reputation Equation and it looks like this –

Values + Decisions + Behavior + Time = Your Reputation

When you live from a values-based, intentional place, you will meet the world around you and act in a way that allows you to live authentically and consistently.

This is a proactive way of living.

But, let’s be honest – it’s a choice … it’s your choice!

Oh, and here’s a bonus truth – your reputation also impacts the reputation and business growth of your company … 65% of all new business comes from referrals (100% based upon reputation) and 63% of a company’s value is tied to its CEO’s reputation!

Click here to watch my YoutTube video that unpacks this simple, yet POWERFUL two-step process that you can use right now to build, strengthen, and even repair your reputation!

I’m here to tell you, that based upon my 25 years of reputation management, you can do this … I’ve seen it and I’ve helped athletes, brands, and executives do it – you can, too!

Keep digging!