Self-Worth Secrets: The Key to Unlocking Your True Potential

An index card with the handwritten quote 'You are enough' as a visual reminder of self-worth

We live in a world that often measures worth by external factors, which is why it’s crucial to cultivate an unshakable sense of inner value!

The Challenge of Self-Worth

That’s right. One of the biggest hurdles towards reaching goals or even finding internal peace and happiness is how we view our self-worth. The challenge, in my opinion, is that our self-worth is often tied to childhood experiences – meaning, we’ve been carrying this for decades, and if you want to see yourself as worthy of what you want to achieve or do, it will take intention and time! Why not start now?

Embrace Your Worthiness Before Pursuing Goals

So, before you jump into the ‘how’ steps of reaching your goal or ‘next level’ activity, start first by embracing your worthiness of doing it!

4 Effective Ways to Embrace Your Inherent Worth

Here are four effective ways and reminders to embrace your inherent worth:

1. Challenge Negative Self-Talk

Thinking ‘it’ doesn’t make ‘it’ true – challenge the negative self-talk and ask yourself, “whose voice is that, and where is it coming from?” Why shouldn’t you feel happy, fulfilled, empowered, proud, capable?

2. Create a Mental Highlight Reel

We often replay our bloopers and watch everyone else’s highlight reels! Take inventory of your wins over the years and even small, daily wins, and replay them. Then, try reframing the ‘bloopers’ as ‘lessons earned’!

3. Your Past Does Not Define You

Let it go! And, if you have trouble with that, ask yourself, “is this memory serving my highest good right now?” More often than not, it isn’t; it’s a mental default to keep you playing small!

4. Create a “Read Me” Folder

These can be both email and physical folders where you put ‘thank you’ notes or appreciation notes/emails from people. Reminders that we have made a difference in people’s lives help nurture self-worth.Which one most resonated with you? Let me know in the comments below!I hope that you can put at least one of these into play today to level up your self-worth! Embrace your inherent value, let go of the past, and step boldly into the future you deserve.And, by the way, the index card in the pic below is one of my ‘visual anchors’ that I keep on my desk as my reminder!

Our best is yet to come, friends!

Keep digging!

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