Here’s the reality in which we now all live - at no other time in human history have our reputations been more fragile and vulnerable! So, if you have skin and a heartbeat, you MUST be proactively thinking of your reputation and brand.

While so much emphasis is placed on digital reputation management (Search Engine Optimization – SEO), my work is at the analog level - the human level! 

We all need someone on our team who can 'see around the corners', see our blind spots, and work with us to not only identify risk, but also opportunities to move us towards new heights of success and progress.

I have led numerous crisis and reputation management efforts over my 25-year career in motorsports, which gives me a unique perspective. 

I work with organizational leaders who often times see positive business results, but still experience fragmented teamwork, communication gaps, leaders not recognizing areas of risk as well as groups working in silos - all of which will impact the reputation of the individuals, teams, and ultimately the organization.

My messages and experiences are delivered through keynotes talks, coaching, and team workshops that shift mindsets and perspectives around reputation to create authentic distinction.

How Much is Your Reputation Worth?

Reputation missteps cost people their careers and can take down businesses. Don’t believe that? Read the news and you’ll see plenty of examples on international, national, and local levels!

So, how much is your reputation worth? Give this a try – put a dollar value on your reputation.  What is that dollar amount? Some people say it’s worth 10x their current salary. Some will say it’s priceless, and others will say that they never thought about it like that.

The irony with reputations is that we often don’t recognize their value until after we’ve paid a price! And then what? Remember, your reputation is all you have when all you have is lost!

Reputations Matter

Your reputation speaks for you when you are not there to speak for yourself. Think of your reputation like a halo that surrounds you. People will either want to be in that halo or not based upon how your reputation will positively or negatively impact them. This not only directly impacts your social circles, but also your professional opportunities. So, what is your reputation saying about you? Check out some reputation stats here for an eye-opening experience!

Reputation Worth

We all stumble, but we don't have to fall. We are human, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared and can’t be proactive – especially when it comes to managing and protecting our reputations! Mike shares both personal experiences as well as outlines mainstream reputation crisis examples that will shift your perspective on how you see, manage, and value your reputation.  These stories will lead you to action and empower you to develop, manage, and leverage one of your most valuable assets. If you are an entrepreneur, leader, business owner or college student looking to truly stand out, Mike’s resources, lessons, and tips will benefit you personally and professionally.

"We earn our reputations every single day. What did you earn today?" Mike Mooney