Shift Your Life – Mindset Monday Interview

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Shift Your Life

If you have a dream, if you have a vision of who you could be and what you are truly here to do, then you have to listen to this episode of Mindset Monday with host Denise Zack!

I get deep into my journey from a highly successful executive in professional motorsports to a professional speaker, coach, and author.

In this episode, I share a ton of thoughts on my experience with emotion, let downs, and self actualization!

Some of the key stories include:
– How my wife and I prepared for this life-changing pivot

– Why July 8, 2006 was my day of ‘giving up’ and the seed it planted for what I am doing today

– How people who said they would be there for me didn’t show up and that forced my focus to be only on today; not some date down the road

– The words from my 14-yr-old daughter on the reality of hard work that blew my mind (and still does!)

– Recognition that we all have a Soul Mission to go after while we are living NOT sleepwalking!

My story is one of self development, self healing, and self actualization to living an intentional life of impact and purpose.

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