Why Walking Through One Door Can Change Your Life

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Why Walking Through One Door Can Change Your Life

We’ve all been faced with a new door to walk through – what will it take for you to crack that door open and have the courage to get uncomfortable and walk through?

Here’s some Monday Motivation from my journey that began with three words – “I give up!”

The most influential pivot points in my life seemed to occur at the crossroads of “I give up!” and “What’s beyond that door?”

Does that resonate with you?

This is about the choices we make. This reflects the mindset we are cultivating. This galvanizes the way we live life!

Check out the video for more and let me know what door you are standing before!

Will you have the courage to walk through it? You have what it takes to do so … what will you find on the other side? What new opportunity will present itself?

Better said, what fear is holding you back? Why wouldn’t walk through? Could this door actually be a portal to take you to a better place?

Don’t give up! Take the step! Do this for you today and for your future self!

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Keep digging, friends!